The Problem With Board Game Reviews

Agonising over not writing enough board game reviews has been a hobby I’ve developed lately. “I just got this new game, I should review it.” Repeat a few times, each time getting less and less convincing.

I didn’t know what the problem was until I asked myself, “What’s the point?” Is it the “score”, or the pros and cons, or the discussion over the games intimate mechanics, or is it the handsome reviewer imparting their cleverest English in a row of words (aka sentences) to the entertainment of a lucky reader? Or am I asking what’s the point because it feels as if no one’s going to read it anyway? Continue reading


Cult of the Old: Of Reprints and Law

Guest post by Marvin, who laments about an avalanche of new games and why we don’t talk more about the old ones.

Being part of “cult of the new” for our hobby can be exhausting. You simply cannot buy, play, or even know about all the new games released. If you don’t believe me, head over to the trusty BGG advance search and look for games published in 2015. Yes, more than 3400 games and expansions were released this year so far. True story. And that’s not even counting the massive number of Essen releases that will follow in October this year. Continue reading


Demystify Terra Mystica: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve got a great guest post from Marvin Hsiao on Terra Mystica, that favourite of Euros (at least with regards to militant gardening). It’s a long one, so settle in with a cuppa.

Currently ranked number 2 on BGG, Terra Mystica is one of the most loved thinky, complex games. Since its release in 2012, it has won half a dozen international awards and occupied the hearts and tables of gamers across the world. While TM’s myriad of in-game choices can be the source of much intellectual tension and joy, it may appear intimidating for the uninitiated. Well have no fear and let me take you through the basics of Terra Mystica. Continue reading


The Problem with Settlers

Sometimes, for the good of the community, you need something. Like Batman for example. But when the city is saved and all you have left is a few nondescript lawyers getting beat up for perjury, you tend to ask yourself – do we still need the Batman? Do we still need Settlers of Catan? Continue reading


Thou Shalt Not… 6d Board Gaming Sins

In my scholarly pursuit of greatness, I’ve come across many tomes and sages imparting their wisdom of board gaming. Many a fireside discussion has been had as to what constitutes the gravest of sins, but none stood solemnly as the utmost evil. Therefore I’ve taken it upon myself to share with you a list of board games, “6d Sins.” (See what I did there?) Continue reading